Radio Shack Ground Loop Isolator $14.99 Catalog #: 270-054

Radio Shack 12VDC Car Power Adapter Outlet $5.99 Catalog #: 270-1556

Blitzsafe VW/AUX DMX V.5
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Arkon CM38 flexible steel mount plus mini gripmatic euro cradle. Special bundle price $24.95 Contact Arkon direct - Benjamin Arana Email: Tel: 626-254-9005
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Belkin Auto Kit for iPod w/ Dock Connector Part # F8V7058-APL.

Apple 3g Ipod


I chose the Arkon mount in the cigarette lighter outlet because I think I want something that I can remove easily and leave no trace of the mount or Ipod. I will see how this works. I think it looks pretty good (except for the dangling Belkin wire, which is hard to avoid). The Ipod fits perfectly in the cradle.

The Blitzsafe interface connects to the Ground Loop Isolator (GLI). The GLI wires run under the wood surface of the center console. The GLI has male RCA's at each end, and the GLI kit includes a Y-adapter with two females RCA's to a single 1/8" stereo plug. A small hole was drilled in the center console storage box for the 1/8" plug and the extra 12 volt power outlet wires. The extra 12 volt power outlet wires are tapped into the cigarette lighter outlet in the center console. The extra 12 volt power outlet is attached to the corner of the center console store box. The 1/8" plug goes into the Belkin unit which then connects to the Ipod via the docking port for audio and power.

The way it is set up I could put in a different MP3 player by using the 1/8 plug. I could also replace the Belkin unit easily if necessary (without having to take out the head unit).

One thing that I didn't have done (and should have) was to connect the extra 12 volt power to the radio via a relay the way Chris and Uriah did so that the Belkin would shut off when the radio is shut off. As it is now, the Belkin is always on.

Thanks to all those who have posted details about their Ipod installs. This is a great resource for sharing info.


Ipod in Arkon Cradle

Ipod in Arkon Cradle

Read Out on Head Unit

Pin Configuration on Back of Head Unit

Harness Wiring

Belkin and New 12 Volt Outlet in Center Console

Arkon Cradle and Flex Mount

Arkon Cradle and Flex Mount

Stowed in Center Console

Stowed in Center Console and Closed Up

This installation courtesy of tinlv on VWVortex.

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