How to choose the right audio cable for the installation

First, you need to decide on whether you want use the audio/video (AV) input plug for the installation, OR do you want to save this input plug for possible use at a later date and use the audio only (AO) input connection.


AV pros:
very easy to install - just plug it! AV cons:
slightly higher cost
uses video input plug - so adding video at a later date would mean you have to remove this cable

AO input pros:
less expensive
leaves AV plug open for future use

AO input cons:
more difficult installation

Once you have decided on which type of input plug/connection you want to use for the Touareg radio, you need to then decide on what type of plug you need on the other side of the cable. This is more dependant on:

1) What type of an audio device you are mounting and what type of output plug it has.

The typical MP3 player has a 1/8" stereo female jack. Some XM radios also offer a 1/8" stereo female jack.

For this type of device I offer either a 1/8" male stereo plug:
Or a 1/8" female panel mount jack for use with a male/male patch cord (not supplied by me):

For example, the XM Commander has a pair of RCA output plugs

For this radio, I offer RCA male plugs:

2) Where you will mount the audio device.

If the device needs to be controlled directly on its face (MP3 player), then the mounting location needs to be easily accessable. People have mounted MP3 players on mounting consoles on the dash, on stalks on the center console and even in the center compartments. For these various locations, I offer cables from 18" to 3 feet to 5 feet in length. Photo below show Female 1/8" plug mounted in center console box with additional cigarette lighter plug.

The chart below shows all the audio cables that I offer, the length of the cable and the connectors on each end, and the appropriate part number

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Cable Part Numbers/Cost: RCA male 60" cable 1/8" female 18" cable 1/8" female 60" cable 1/8" right angle male 36" cable
Audio/Video connector AV-RCA-60/ $25 AV-F-18/ $29 AV-F-60/ $30 AV-RAM-72/ $25
Audio Only contacts AO-RCA-60/ $19 AO-F-18/ $23 AO-F-60/ $24 AO-RAM-72/ $19
SPECIAL CABLES Navigation telephone Standard Radio telephone RCA male to 1/8" female Radio Removal Tools
NTEL $19 STEL $25 RCA-F-60 $25 Radio Tools $15

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