1 piece, AV type adapter cable (similar to photo below but not necessarily the same): Click here to for details on how to purchase any of these items.


4 pieces, radio removal tools, which I now offer.


1) Insert the longest end of radio removal tools with the taper facing in towards the center of the radio into the slots shown here:

2) IMPORTANT: DO NOT UNPLUG ANY CABLES FROM THE RADIO! With all 4 tools in and locked in place, gentely pull on the tools and the radio should come out.

3) Work the radio and the two attached cables all the way out and lay the radio on a towel or blanket on the center console.

4) Remove the radio removal tools by pressing on the 4 brass tabs on the side of the radio just behind the tool slots.

5) Plug in the Dietz adapter into the AUX plug pictured here:

To get it in all the way, you will need to move the lever on the plug a full 90 degrees. Then push the plug in as far as you can. As you push, the lever on the plug will start to go back into the closed position. When the plug is in all the way, lock the lever back on top. See the photo below:

6) At this point you can test the function by connecting an audio source (CD or MP3 player) to test the system.
Turn on the radio, select AUX and audio/video only AUX.
Then turn on your audio source and hit play.
You should get stereo sound over your car's speakers.

7) Now route the wires to the desired location:
out from under the dash
into the glove box by drilling a small hole into it
or even into the center console box.

8) Gentley push the radio back in, careful to feed all the wires in properly without disconnecting any.
The radio will click back in place when it is flush with the rest of the dash.

9) Now connect your audio source to the cable.

Radio Setup

10) Press AUX button twice.
11) Hit SETUP button.
12) On AV SOURCE line and make is AUDIO.
13) Hit ESC.
14) Hit AV(A).
15) From now on when you want to play something through the AUX, you only need to hit AUX button one to enjoy your upgraded sound system.

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